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Satnam Singh Sandhu

Chancellor, Chandigarh University

Welcome to Chandigarh University!

From its very inception, Chandigarh University has set the trend in providing quality education to global students and has become known for its new-age academics. We are ranked 2nd among all the private universities in India by QS Asia University Rankings 2023 and have earned an A+ grade from India's biggest independent accreditation agency, NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council). Now, students can study at a globally recognised university and receive scholarships and funding from a wide range of agencies. As the only private university in Punjab with engineering and management programmes accredited by the National Board of Accreditation, we offer a wide range of programmes and excellence in teaching.

Our faculty members are the cornerstones of CU’s success. With our highly qualified academicians from IITs, NITs and foreign universities, we stay at the forefront of higher education. The skills and capabilities of young minds are honed beyond bookish knowledge.

We uphold our standards of excellence even through our Distance and Open Learning facilities. The goal of our Institute of Distance & Online Learning (IDOL) is to provide an effective alternative path to mainstream ways of gaining knowledge. I welcome you to receive the best education possible and give wings to your dreams.

Manpreet Singh Manna

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Chandigarh University

It is a matter of great privilege and respect, that I have been provided with an opportunity to join Chandigarh University as a Pro Vice-Chancellor. I aspire to contribute to the growth of this esteemed Organization.

Keeping in mind the pace at which the global education system is progressing, it would be considered unreasonable to state the changes in a few sentences. Study webs of active learning for young aspiring minds is one of the most effective tool for educating youth and society with the wealth of knowledge available at our disposal.

The majority of Higher Educational Institutes in India have accepted this norm and are contributing significantly by delivering novel innovations and solutions to excel the Education Sector in India and globally as well. Since, as per NEP 2020 the National target of reaching the Gross Enrolment Ratio in HEIs is 50 percent by 2030, the scope and responsibility of HE Is has increased considerably and as a result it’s experiencing an upward trend.

Chandigarh University believes in “to discover, learn, and empower”. With a foundation of flexibility, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary orientation found in all the programs, students get to experience an unmatched quality of education. In addition, an atmosphere built with the strong pillars of inclusivity and friendliness turned out to be a key reason behind the arrival of students from over 40 nations and counting.

Contemplating CU's vision, my core emphasis would be empowering students and academics with all the vital resources and preliminaries to retain Chandigarh University's distinction as Asia's Best and Fastest growing University. At Chandigarh University, we endeavour to implement the latest educational policies and programs by joining forces with the Ministry of Education and innumerable National and International organizations leading the contemporary world’s ed-tech revolution.

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