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Admission Policy

The Admission Policy of Chandigarh University is devoted to fulfilling the vision and mission of the university. Chandigarh University Online nurtures learners with the best-in-class expertise to thrive in a knowledge-driven society.

The key elements of the Admission Policy of Chandigarh University are transparency, uniformity, and a student-centric approach. Modern and innovative methods of learning are an integral part of Chandigarh University’s Online course curriculums.

Under the above policy:
  • Equal opportunity is given to all learners by reaching out to them through well-organized, easy-to-use University websites, newspapers, and other available media.
  • The selection of the learners/students is made on the basis of the admission pre-requisite/qualifying examination of the Programme and also based on the competitive/selection exams wherever applicable.
  • Admission through Lateral entry is provided if it is permitted as per regulatory norms.
  • Well-designed Self-learning materials with rich multimedia course contents are delivered through a state-of-the-art, digital platform to fulfill the needs of the aspirants.
  • Uniform and transparent admission policy across all the sections of the society and throughout the country as per the provisions of the government. Equal opportunity to all.
  • The overall Admission policy of the University is to encourage quality learning across the age group and the society and thereby contributing to creating a better tomorrow for all learners.

Admission Process

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