june 12, 2023

Online Degree Courses 2023-2024 - Chandigarh University Online

Online degree courses have emerged as a popular and flexible option for individuals seeking to further their education and expand their career prospects. With the advancements in technology and the widespread accessibility of the internet, online degree programs provide students with the opportunity to pursue higher education from the comfort of their own homes or any location with an internet connection. 
These courses offer a wide range of subjects and disciplines, allowing students to choose from a variety of fields, including business, computer science, arts, journalism and many others. The flexibility of online degree programs enables students to balance their studies with other commitments, such as work or family responsibilities, as they can access course materials and lectures at their convenience.

Additionally, online learning platforms often provide interactive tools, discussion forums, and virtual classrooms, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among students and instructors. Online degree courses offer a convenient and accessible pathway to acquiring valuable knowledge and qualifications, empowering individuals to enhance their skills and advance their careers in today's fast-paced and ever-evolving professional landscape. 

The past year has been a challenging year for everyone, but challenges also brought us opportunities, new experiences, and brought out the best in us. From providing traditional classrooms to imparting online education, Chandigarh University bloomed and created the best online educational environment for the learners. It is a hub of e-learning, exploring, and becoming the best versions of yourselves. It’s been years of our existence and imparting quality education to the keen learners.

Learn with us from anywhere in the world!

Chandigarh University is NAAC accredited A+ Grade university with best online courses for learners all over the world. Chandigarh University Institute of Online Learning delivers quality education even if you are sitting at any corner of the world. The online courses are career oriented, and you can learn from our industry experts through online mode. Below are the online degree courses in which you can enroll at Chandigarh University of Online Learning. 

Online BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration)

Online BBA offers many options to specialize in and have broad career aspects with options to choose from. You can be the entrepreneur for tomorrow and can launch into your dream career with a BBA degree. The degree program offers you the best professional options with a blend of skills. You can learn subjects like marketing, human resource, finance, business mathematics, statistics, optical research, product management and many more. And after BBA, you can opt for higher education and take up degrees like MBA, CA or CS. A BBA degree can also land you up in a management job in HR, marketing, finance, banking etc.

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Online BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) with ACCA

The BBA and ACCA online degree course aims to develop learners’ independent thinking, decision making and research aptitude. The online program, learners will enhance their skills through many pedagogical tools like case studies, presentations, internships, and guest lecturers from a pool of industry leaders. The whole online course is aimed at the holistic development of the learners. It also conducts many curricular and recreational activities on a regular basis. This degree is structured by experts to help you gain 9 exemptions. The learners will also equip the ability to work in teams is also focused upon as a key skill to be developed for success in the workplace. After completing the three year online course the learners will not only be qualified with a BBA degree but also an ACCA degree holder. 

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Online BCA (Bachelors of Computer Applications)

Bachelors of Computer Application is one of the most established courses to opt for after 12th . During the three years course, learners work closely with the industry leaders, enabling keen learners to develop industrially relevant subject knowledge and skills. Under the course you will learn subjects like computer fundamentals, programming, database management, business communication, digital marketing, and others. The online degree will enable learners to acquire technical skills in computers, as well as experience of project management, research, and analytical methods. The course is taught from first principles of computer applications. After BCA, learners can take MCA, or MBA as their further study options.

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Online Bachelors of Arts - Journalism and Mass Communication, BAJMC

The course is divided into six semesters whereas the postgraduate degree course is divided into four semesters. Both BA and MA online degree will focus on different areas like Print Journalism, Advertising, Photography, Television, and Radio Production & Writing, Convergent Journalism, Social Media, Public Relations, and much more. Throughout the degree, you will get to learn different tools and techniques that will help you in selecting your area of interest. It also emphasizes on theoretical understanding of the history, content, and cultural impact of all types of media. Learners will also get their hands on the latest technology, equipment, and software used in the media industry that will help them to gain field knowledge.  

Click and apply for : Online Ba in Journalism and Mass Communication

Online MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

Masters of business administration is a two years postgraduate degree that is made for the learners to develop managerial skills. Before entering the corporate sector or we can say the business world, the person should know about the managerial skills. The degree course, and instructors, makes learners develop their own skills for the career they want to choose, with leading edge tools, contact with industry leaders, skill enhancement workshops, and personalized attention. The career services, guest speaker events, MBA specific job platforms, webinars and skill workshops will expand their horizons and make learners connect to and learn from a range of diverse organizations.

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Online MSc (Masters of Science in Data Science)

The two year course is a blend of machine learning, big data analytics, and statistics. This online degree course will help you to become data science professionals with ease. The degree will help you to gain ample knowledge of the data engineering sector like industrial and scientific research, finances, big data, business, and social data analysis from our top-notch industry experts. No matter if you want to become a data engineer or data scientist, this is the perfect online course for you.

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Online Masters of Journalism and Mass Communication, MAJMC

Masters of Arts in Journalism is a two-year postgraduate degree. The course helps keen learners to understand more about the aspects of mass media, current happenings, and more. The course is made with the vision  of providing the best journalists, editors, reporters, photographers, and more to the media world. The postgraduate level programme is divided into four semesters and it covers the broad discipline of media studies and involves the understanding of the history, cultural impact of all types of mediums along with an applied learning focus in areas such as print, new media, advertising, and more. It also offers an insight into mass communication theories such as history/models, print journalism, television and radio production, advertising, public relations, convergent journalism, radio production, photography, videography, etc. 

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Online M.Com (Master of Commerce)

M.COM is aimed to develop research skills among learners to create academic expertise. The department of commerce is a vibrant department of the university that caters to diverse groups of student community. The degree has highly qualified and experienced faculty members with the specialization in the core domains, such as marketing, HR, General Management, Finance, Accounting and Taxation, and Analytics.

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Online Master of Commerce (with ACCA), M.com (ACCA)

M.Com with ACCA is a two year degree course that develops and nurtures creativity, critical thinking mindset, and research abilities of the learners to emerge as successful knowledge creators and leaders of tomorrow. This course is structured by experts to help you gain 9 exemptions. By the end of two years, learners will be getting two degrees at the same time. The regular classroom lectures are accompanied by best ways of learning including case studies, role plays, webinars, presentations, current affair sessions etc. The assessment methods include, quiz sessions, assignments, field study reports, periodic tests, class participation in studies and debates, discussions, objective assessment will help you to nourish your skills. 

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Online MSc (Master Of Science in Mathematics)

An online MSc in Mathematics program is a postgraduate level degree designed for individuals who wish to deepen their knowledge and expertise in mathematics through flexible and remote learning. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers advanced topics in mathematics, including algebra, calculus, probability theory, number theory, and mathematical modeling, among others. Students enrolled in an online MSc in Mathematics program have the opportunity to study at their own pace and from any location, as long as they have an internet connection. They can access course materials, lectures, and assignments through online platforms, engaging in interactive learning experiences that often include virtual classrooms and collaborative projects. This program typically combines theoretical concepts with practical applications, preparing students for a wide range of career paths in fields such as academia, research, data analysis, finance, engineering, and technology. Pursuing an online MSc in Mathematics provides individuals with the flexibility to balance their studies with personal and professional commitments, making it an attractive option for those seeking to advance their careers in the field of mathematics.

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Online MA (Master Of Arts) in English

An online M.A. in English program offers a comprehensive and flexible pathway for individuals interested in advancing their knowledge and expertise in the field of English literature, language, and writing. This postgraduate level program covers a broad range of subjects, including literary analysis, critical theory, composition and rhetoric, linguistics, and cultural studies. Through online platforms, students can access course materials, lectures, and participate in virtual discussions and collaborative projects. The program typically combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, fostering critical thinking, research skills, and effective communication. An online M.A. in English program provides students with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of various literary periods, genres, and authors while exploring contemporary issues and trends in the field. Graduates of the program are equipped with strong analytical and writing abilities, making them well-suited for careers in academia, publishing, writing, editing, journalism, communications, and other related fields. The flexible nature of online learning allows students to balance their studies with personal and professional commitments, making it a convenient option for individuals seeking to further their education in the field of English.

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Online MA (Master Of Arts) in Economics

An online M.A. in Economics program offers a flexible and comprehensive education for individuals interested in deepening their understanding of economic theory, analysis, and research. This postgraduate level program covers a wide range of subjects, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, international economics, and applied economics. Through online platforms, students can access course materials, lectures, and participate in virtual discussions and collaborative projects with fellow students and instructors. The program provides a strong foundation in economic principles, analytical thinking, and quantitative skills, preparing students for careers in various sectors such as finance, consulting, government, research, and academia. Students learn to apply economic theories and methods to real-world scenarios, gaining practical insights into economic issues and policy-making. Additionally, online M.A. in Economics programs often offer specialized courses or concentrations, allowing students to focus on specific areas of interest such as environmental economics, development economics, or financial economics. The online format provides flexibility, enabling students to pursue their degree while balancing work or other personal commitments. Overall, an online M.A. in Economics program provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex and dynamic field of economics and opens up diverse career opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

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Online MCA (Master Of Computer Applications) (AICTE Approved)

An online MCA (Master of Computer Applications) program is a postgraduate degree program designed to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills in various aspects of computer science and application development. This program covers a wide range of subjects, including programming languages, algorithms, data structures, software engineering, database management systems, web development, and computer networks. Through online platforms, students can access course materials, lectures, and participate in virtual discussions and collaborative projects with peers and instructors. The MCA program emphasizes both theoretical concepts and practical application, providing students with hands-on experience through coding assignments, software development projects, and internships. Graduates of the program are prepared for diverse roles in the IT industry, including software engineer, system analyst, database administrator, web developer, and IT consultant. The online format of the MCA program offers flexibility, allowing students to balance their studies with personal and professional commitments. It also enables students to gain relevant industry skills and knowledge from the comfort of their own homes or any location with an internet connection. Pursuing an online MCA degree provides individuals with the opportunity to advance their careers in the field of computer applications and stay abreast of the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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Procedure to take Admission for Online Degree Courses

Candidates who want to pursue an online course from Chandigarh University Institute of Online Learning can fill up their application form online.

The application process is daunting. But we have a solution to your every problem. The university provides you easy access to admission guidelines and all the necessary documents required. In this article, we will tell you a few easy steps to fill the application form online.

Steps to follow for the application process mentioned below:

Step1: Visit the website

Applicants need to visit the university website i.e. https://www.onlinecu.in and click on apply now.

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details

After clicking on apply now, on the homepage it will show register now. You need to fill in all the details such as Name, Contact no., Email Id, DOB, and degree course. Make sure you are filling in the right details.

Step 3: Receive User Id & password

After filling in all the required details, applicants will get the user id and password through e-mail or SMS. With a given user id and password, applicants have to log in to fill the application form.

Step 4: The application form will be activated

Applicants need to download the soft copy prospectus by clicking on the buy now and complete the payment process. After downloading the soft copy prospectus, the application form will be activated.

Step 5: Pay the program fee

Applicants need to fill up the essential details such as qualifications, personal, and contact details. Please cross-check the details carefully. At last, you need to pay the course fee.

Step 6: Get confirmation mail

After the successful payment, applicants need to upload the documents and passport size photograph and submit it by clicking on the submit button. Make sure the documents you are submitting should be properly visible. After document submission, you will get the confirmation mail at your email address.


Things to Remember

● All the admissions will be provisional.

● Admissions will get canceled in case of failure of payment or non-submission of the documents in a given time.

● Applicants should read the instructions carefully.

● Applicants should read the eligibility criteria properly.

Recognition and Approval

Accredited by NAAC with the prestigious A+ grade, Chandigarh University has been emerging as the best Institute of Online Learning in Punjab, India and the most preferred destination for the keen learners. Also, the university has been bestowed with many awards, including  Asia’s Fastest Growing Private Institution, Outstanding Engineering Institute, Limca Book of Records for inviting the most number of companies in a single year for campus placement, and acquired the 2nd rank in QS Asia Rankings 2023 among all the private universities in India.

Benefits of Pursuing Online Education

The new normal now is a transformed concept of education with Online learning. The benefits of online learning can’t be beat when it comes to earning your degree. And thus, it is important to know about the pros of online education, so that you can embrace all the new opportunities our dynamic programme has to offer.

1. Learn at your own pace

Here at Chandigarh University Institute of Online Learning, learners are given flexibility to incorporate their side hustle and other commitments into the learning module. We offer a flexible program to students so that they can learn at their own pace. A self-paced course involves feedback from the professionals, which is a fully automated experience provided by our online learning. The academicians will provide course materials in a scheduled manner, generally by video lectures, and presentations. It leads to minimum time waste and promotes greater efficiency. The self-paced program ensures increased performance, as the university encourages learners to manage their education, in a way which encourages independent thought and critical thinking.

2. Age no bar

In our Online Learning degree course, age is just a number and no discrimination takes place due to age bar. Instead, the focus of attention is clearly on the content of the discussion, and the individual’s ability to respond and contribute thoughtfully, and intelligently to the course at hand. If any learner has left education in between due to adverse situations in the past, they can continue their education with us and choose from our undergraduate and postgraduate online degree courses.

3. Study whenever, wherever

Learners can access their course anytime, anywhere. Further, they have continuous access to lectures, course materials, and class discussions. This makes it convenient for learners to re-read a lecture or take more time to reflect on some material before moving further. They can participate in classes from anywhere in the world, provided they have a computer, and internet connection.

4. Pursue Job and Studies simultaneously

There are many reasons online learning courses have become a popular form among the people who work and want to study at the same time.. The online environment offers a lot of flexibility with access to education at any time and anywhere, so learners can pursue their respective jobs with any degree. We offer a flexible degree course; learners can still work full time and manage time to earn a degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.  Online Degree Courses valid in India?

Ans: Yes, in fact the online mode was introduced in 2020 by UGC. So, as per the guidelines they are completely valid

and equivalent to regular courses.  Similarly, you can check the university recognition on the UGC-DEB website.

Q.2. What information is available in LMS?

Ans: You will get access to your course material, Recorded Lectures, Live Sessions, Assignments, Discussion

forums, Academic Calendar, etc. Learners will get all the pieces of information/notifications on the dashboard.

Q.3. Can I do  Engineering in Online mode?

Ans: No, currently Engineering, Medical, and Paramedical courses are not approved in online mode as per UGC and AICTE.

Q.4.  What will be the examination mode?

Ans: Here the examination would be online with live proctoring.

Q.5. Which all documents are required to apply for Online degree courses?

Ans: Here are the documents below:

Firstly, 10th class marksheet and certificate

Secondly, 12th class marksheet and certificate

Thirdly, Graduation marksheet and certificate (if applying for masters)

Moreover, Address proof

Finally, Passport size photograph

Q.6.  Whom do I contact in case of any problem in login?

Ans: Kindly send a mail to – admissions@cuidol.in or call at 1800 1213 88800