February 06, 2024

The Most Affordable & Top-Rated Online MBA Programs to Check Out in 2024

In this digital world, the education sector has seen a massive change as more students & working professionals shift to online education. Today, this teaching mode has introduced new possibilities, opportunities, and challenges. Students and working professionals interested in this online course must take advantage of online education by applying to different online degree programs. Among the most reputed online programs that are trending, the popularity of online MBA cannot be ignored. The best part of this postgraduate degree is that it comes in different specializations like finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, HRM, and more. All that is needed for learners taking up it is to apply for affordable online MBA programs to seek themselves in better positions.

What Is So Special About Affordable Online MBA Programs?

Affordable and top-rated online MBA programs in different specializations have become increasingly popular as more learners apply for them from reputed universities, institutions, and schools. Not to deny that many nations worldwide have seen inflation as wreaking havoc on personal finances, and the government has terminated student loan forbearance programs. Online MBAs in trending specializations like finance, IT, and more remain among the most dependable options for students seeking credentials to accelerate their earning power.

However, online MBAs have historically ranked among the most expensive degrees to pursue, varying from university to university and institute to institute. The top-rated online MBA programs cost throughout the global top-rated universities remain between $9,000-$50,000 or more per year. These high costs never limit access to online MBA education as they have options in it to go with the best specialisation available. All it matters for an online MBA candidate is to get admission in a trusted university and institute.

Learners who pursue affordable online MBA programs match many different profiles but often include working professionals, working parents, and people from lower income brackets. To aid your search for the cheapest yet appealing online MBA degree programs, we have compiled a list of the online MBA specialisations that learners often choose from!

Advantages of Pursuing Affordable Online MBA Programs

Online MBA programs can provide learners with a wealth of benefits for job advancement and personal growth. Among the main benefits are:

  • .Offers Flexibility And Ease Of Doing

Thanks to the better structure of online MBA programs, professionals can tailor their study schedules to fit their responsibilities. This allows students and working professionals to blend jobs and study seamlessly, maximizing productivity and ensuring adequate knowledge-gaining capability.

  • .A Door to Global Networking Options

The vast network of working professionals looking for good online MBA programs with varying cultural, professional, and educational backgrounds is accessible via virtual collaboration and communication resources. This intercultural exposure stimulates a favourable setting for developing cross-cultural understanding, teamwork, and global business insights.

  • .Leaves You With Customizable Specializations

Online MBA courses offer a broad spectrum of specialized options, catering to an extensive spectrum of business sectors and functional domains. Learners can meticulously select from contemporary fields, including finance, digital marketing, HRM, and more to align their educational path with their career goals.

  • .Becomes A Bridge to Career Advancement Potential

Earning a reputable online MBA degree program from a top-notch specialization upgrades one’s professional credentials and job advancement opportunities. Graduates are equipped with a potent combination of academic expertise and practical understanding, positioning them as competitive learners for higher management positions and leadership roles across diverse industries.

  • .Act As A Balance Between Work-life and Studies

Online MBA programs’ better quality structure and self-paced instruction formats aid online MBA for working professionals in effectively optimizing their time management abilities. Participants may uphold their work and family responsibilities while maintaining their study commitments by seamlessly incorporating them into their everyday routines, improving overall work-life balance and lowering stress.

Which Are the Affordable Online Degree Programs to Check Out?

1. Online MBA in Finance

It is one of the top specialisations which is taken up by an enormous number of management professionals and online MBA learners in every admission season. These courses of MBA in finance online act as an area of specialisation that lets learners learn all the important areas and skills of managing businesses and their financial handling.

Why Should You Opt for an Online MBA in Finance?

Finance, as a specialisation, has a good job scope and professional opportunities in finance sector corporations and multi-national companies to handle their financial operations as well as explore job opportunities in the government sectors pertaining to financial management. Needless to say, being one of the accredited online MBA programs, this course puts you forward to well-established job opportunities and career growth.

Course Duration- 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Career Scope- Finaical Analyst, Chief Finance Officer, Credit Manager, Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, Financial Analyst, Corporate Finance Manager, Investment Banker, etc.

Important Subjects- Financial Accounting, Accountancy, Managerial Economics, Financial Markets, Financial Analysis and Reporting, Financial Risk Management, Financial Strategisation, etc.

2. Online MBA in Marketing

Online MBA in marketing is one of the top-rated courses focused upon all the core areas relating to advertising, strategising, and developing a company's business through effective marketing plans. Marketing management has a good scope for career in India and abroad.

Why Should You Choose Online MBA in Marketing?

Online MBA in marketing domain is an ever growing field as it is receptive to the various changing learners needs, trends and hence, the need for marketing managers is not to reduce anytime soon. So, suppose you are a learner interested in developing innovative approaches to managing the various aspects of marketing and operations in business settings. In that case, this specialisation can be the right choice for you.

Course Duration- 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Career Scope- Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Advertising Strategist, Marketing Risk Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, etc.

Important Subjects- Consumer Behaviour, Sales Management, Advertising Management, Marketing Research, Business Environment, Integrated Marketing Communications, Retail Management, Industrial Marketing, etc.

3. Online MBA in Human Resource Management

This specialisation course is concerned with the management of the human assets of any company, commonly the employees and their concerns. This specialisation of online MBA is also a very popular. It is suitable for management studies for those who are ardent at using their soft skills to interact with others and address and manage people at the workplace.

Online Human Resource Management, as the top ranked online MBA programs includes:

  • .Acquiring talented resources
  • .Selecting them
  • .Training them
  • .Evaluating and managing their performance
  • .Addressing the concerns
  • .Ensuring their growth

The main idea behind these top online MBA programs is that employees are the most useful resource for any organisation. Managing and developing them would also lead to business growth and the organisation’s development.

Why Should You Choose An Online MBA in Human Resource Management?

The job scope in this field is considerably high since every , irrespective of whether it is a private or a government body, requires trained working professionals for HRM. So, there are diverse career options in this domain, with appealing salary packages.

Course Duration- 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Career Scope- HR Manager, Team Leader, Assistant HR Manager, HR Recruiter, HR Coordinator, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Accounts Manager, etc.

Important Subjects- Organisation Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Compensation Management, HR Development And Planning, Talent Acquisition, Strategic Management, and many more.

4. Online MBA in IT

It is a field related to computer science and technology, wherein technology and management enthusiasts can explore a career. This online MBA in IT specialisation is a popular choice among learners and can provide vast career scopes in India and abroad.

Why Should You Choose An Online MBA in the IT Field?

Learners pursuing this online course learn in-depth about several IT areas over 2 years. Among the most reputed courses, the affordable online MBA programs like this can help in skill development and practical learning in various IT and Computer Science areas. With its rapid expansion, this sector is evolving and has a bright future owing to the popularity of financial technologies in the current era. The role of IT specialist that many professionals often select can offer lucrative job roles with high salary packages.

Course Duration- 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Career Scope- IT Manager, Cybersecurity Manager, Chief Technology Officer, Information System Engineer, IT Project Manager, and many more.

Important Subjects- Management of Information Systems, IT Management, System Analysis & Design, Database Management Systems, IT & Cybersecurity, etc.

5. Online MBA in Entrepreneurship

The course of entrepreneurship is all related to careful management of a venture which is often handled by a single-person process. An online MBA in entrepreneurship trains aspiring entrepreneurs in this regard, as well as help them prosper in their venture or seek managerial jobs in start-ups or entrepreneurial ventures.

Why Should You Choose An Online MBA in Entrepreneurship?

When you take up the online MBA in entrepreneurship, you can hassle-free best career opportunities and build your own business hubs as well. Many online MBA universities that are offering top-ranked online MBA programs have their own entrepreneurship support cells and divisions wherein envisioning entrepreneurs to come forward with their creative ideas as well as work further on them with the support of university funds and resources. So taking up this online degree specialisation can provide a great benefit to budding entrepreneurs.

Course Duration- 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Career Scope- Business Development Officer, Planning and Analysis Manager, Client Financial Manager, Entrepreneur, Lead Financial Analyst, etc.

Important Subjects- Legal Business Environment, Entrepreneurial Finance, Project Management, Entrepreneurial Resource Planning, Family Business Management, and more.


In conclusion, the world of business is constantly evolving, and the demand for skilled MBA graduates with specialized expertise is growing rapidly. By pursuing affordable online MBA programs in your areas of interest, you can gain the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in a competitive job market and make a significant impact on the organizations you serve. With a strong foundation in business principles, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities, online MBA graduates with these specializations are well-positioned to lead and innovate in the dynamic world of business. Whether you aspire to become a successful entrepreneur, a financial analyst, or a marketing strategist, an online MBA degree programs in one of these in-demand specializations can open doors to exciting and rewarding career opportunities. So, if you’re considering pursuing an online MBA from the renowned university or institute, Chandigarh University Online is surely an option to consider. They provide these affordable online MBA programs into different specialization with Harvard Certification at 25% discount on fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing an Online MBA?

Ans- Bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognized University/ Institution. Graduates of recognized professional programs like CA/ ICWA, etc., are also eligible to apply.

Q. What is dual specialisation in online MBA?

Ans- Dual Specialization in online MBA is a special provision in the degree course wherein two distinct areas of specialisation are provided together to a student. Common examples include digital marketing and finance, finance and HR management, etc.

Q. Are the Online MBA programs recognised by the companies?

Ans- Yes, the online MBA programs are recognised by companies, provided the degree is earned from a recognised and reputed institute. Moreover, the students should also have secured good marks or grades in the programme to improve their career.

Q. What is a realistic budget for an Online MBA?

Ans- Online MBA can cost anywhere from $9,000-$50,000 per year. For an affordable online MBA, finding a suitable program toward the lower end of this range, or even below it is realistic.

Q. Is an MBA still worth it?

Ans- Experts say yes. The vast majority of available affordable online MBA programs generate a positive return on investment through increased earning power and career advancement potential.

Q. Is it necessary to have prior work experience to pursue an Online MBA?

Ans- Having prior work experience will be an advantage for the students opting for Online MBA. Still, it is not mandatory for admission to the Online MBA programs in all the institutes.