june 28, 2023

Power Point Presentation Competition - Ayushman Bharat Diwas

Name of Event Ayushman Bharat Diwas-Power Point Presentation Competition
Mode of Event Online
Date of Event 30th April 2023 to 5th May 2023
Number of Participants 61 Participants
Mode of submission Presentation to be submitted to activity.idol@cuidol.in
Language English
Prizes CU Goodies
Results First Winner: Aastha James D22BBA110079
Second Winner: Shruti Vats D23MLE160012
Third Winner: Simon Devis D22BCA110611

On the occasion of Ayushman Bharat Diwas, a PowerPoint presentation competition was organised by the IDOL from 30th April 2023 to 5th May 2023. As part of the event, learners from OL and ODL were given the opportunity to make presentations on the topic “Approach Towards Healthy Life”. The competition was open for both OL and ODL learners. The event's purpose was to raise awareness and promote the benefits of health schemes among learners.

The competition was announced through flyers that were sent to learners' emails and floated over LMS. The presentations were to be submitted in English language and had to be submitted by 5th May 2023. The event not only educated the learners about Ayushman Bharat but also inspired them to actively support and spread awareness about this transformative healthcare initiative.

The event proved to be informative and empowering for learners to contribute to the cause of accessible and affordable healthcare in India. After careful evaluation, the winners were announced. The first prize was awarded to Aastha James UID- D22BBA110079, who received a CU Momento + Cu Bag.

The second prize was awarded to Shruti Vats UID- D23MLE160012, who received a CU T-shirt + cup. The third prize was awarded to Simon Devis D22BCA110611, who received a CU Cap + Stationary. The online Prize distribution ceremony took place and the winners were awarded by the Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna.