April 13, 2024

10 High Paying Opportunities After MA In Journalism And Mass Communication

Two of the most popular and renowned fields of education among today’s online learners looking for better career opportunities are Mass Communication and Journalism. The fact that makes these two popular branches of the mass and media industry popular is the freedom of expression, the exposure that one gets, and the way of showing creativity that these fields permit. If you are someone who is expressive with words and loves to know all the things about Digital journalism, Communication skills, Online journalism, Content creation, and more, then these two fields are bound to attract you.

The fields of Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication have been here for decades, though there was a point when the reach of journalism and mass communication was very limited. In the early 19th century era, the stress was mostly on the media industry. People could only know about any big or small incident the next day when it came out in the papers through print media. But thanks to the current rise of technological advancement, the core emphasis on journalism and mass communication, as a field of study, is on the rise. Not to deny that numerous exciting job opportunities are available in this field of Digital Journalism, Multimedia Journalism, Public relations

Broadcasting, Social media management, Marketing communication, and more are all centred on journalism and it is no exception. According to a Statista report by Digital Newspapers & Magazines worldwide, this industry is expected to grow at an annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2029) of 2.06%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$44.54bn by 2029. News agencies, television, radio, and entertainment and production organisations offer many thrilling job opportunities to journalism and mass communication graduates.

10 Career Options Post Journalism And Mass Communication

One can pursue several job opportunities after completing their Master’s degree in journalism and mass communication. Here is a list of the ten most sought-after job roles after an Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication:

1. Advertising Executive

Advertising executives are the top-notch minds behind driving successful advertising campaigns. In their roles, they collaborate with creative teams, digital journalism professionals, and account managers to create astonishing ad campaigns that resonate with target audiences. These professionals have an eagle eye for consumer behaviour and possess strong communication skills to convey the desired message effectively.

2. Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers are responsible for improving their client's public image and reputation. They develop and implement PR strategies, handle media relations, and organize events to promote their client's public relations broadcasting with better print images. Their ability to handle crises and maintain positive relationships with the media is crucial to the success of their client's public perception.

3. Corporate Communications Manager

Corporate communication managers are the ones who oversee an organisation's internal and external communications. They develop communication strategies, handle media industry obstacles, and coordinate the production of corporate publications and digital content. Their expertise ensures a consistent and effective message that vibes with the organisation's terms and conditions.

4. Content Strategist

Content strategist roles are all about planning, creating, and managing content for digital journalism or platforms. Their role justifies the marketing, design, and editorial teams to develop and execute content writing goals that align with the organisation’s manifolds. Their core expertise in crafting relevant and engaging content makes the possibility of brand visibility and consumer engagement on a higher note. 

5. Broadcast News Producer

Broadcast news producers' role is all about planning and coordinating news broadcasts in a better manner. Working closely with reporters, anchors, and broadcast news staff, they develop creative stories, manage live broadcasts, and ensure the timely delivery of news content to engaging audiences.

6. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are the ones who actively work for the management of an organisation's social media presence across the various media platforms that are becoming a trend. The hassle-free design of social media strategies, development of content, and engagement with the target audience to come over brand awareness and generate customer trust. 

7. Film and Video Producer

Film and video producers are the ones who check out the production of films, television shows, and other content available in video format. They manage the activities of film budgeting, coordinate production schedules, and collaborate closely with directors, writers and other creative professionals to bring captivating projects to life.

8. Media Planner

Media planners are the ones who make and plan media strategies for advertising campaigns. Working closely with advertising professionals and clients, they determine the most effective media industry channels and placements to reach the target audience and maximise campaign impact.

9. Editor

Editors play a major role in maintaining the quality and integrity of websites, publications, and other media platforms. They are the ones that effectively manage editorial teams, review and edit content, and ensure all materials are aligned to establish style guides and industry standards.

10. Journalist

Journalists are responsible for researching, writing, and reporting news stories for various media industry outlets. Their core work is to check out the interview schedules, collect details, and present news stories in an efficient manner. 


The world is changing rapidly, and so are the media technologies. The field like journalism and mass communication has the power to change public perception within minutes or seconds. Earlier, information about core developments was accessible only through newspapers, radio and television, but now you can get knowledge about anything within seconds on social media channels. 

You can have great opportunities with the aid of an online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication degree. Organisations and companies in today’s time are looking for people from media backgrounds to communicate more effectively with the general public. More minds create more ideas, and the industries are looking forward to Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication graduates so that they can collectively create some new content with their skills. Enroll in an online MA JMC program at Chandigarh University Online.